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The InfluBoss team was gathered in 2020. The aim was to help people making their TikTok account promotions. And also to make the everyday online experience more prominent. The date of TikTok establishment was 2010, and in 2012 the Facebook has bought it for $1 billion. 

The platform is today’s most commonly used social media. The TikTok had its reasonable and beds growth steps, but what remained the same – its core. The connection of people is the main idea. For those who have their profiles, it means sharing private photos and pictures from journeys; for those who have a business and public persons, TikTok became the chance to promote their product brand and strengthen their online presence. That is the origin of InfluBoss. 

That’s where InfluBoss comes in. We offer a great variety of social interactions for a low price, such as TikTok followers, likes, and of course, views. All these things can boost our repeat customers’ visibility and expose them to future investors and new clients. Indeed, we provide you a paid starting step to gain a great worldwide follower count. 

You know that the big natural audience which acts intensively can also improve your credibility considerably. Let’s imagine that your product brand has only one hundred active followers. 

You want to run some advertising campaign, and other platform users realize that you have few customers. And people do not think that you are a serious brand. But if the number of your followers is more than one thousand, it is ok! People are more likely to have some market business with you. Or to follow your page and become loyal customers. 

That is one of the many examples of how InfluBoss can help you in development:


from $1.19


from $1.09


from $0.59

The Working Space of Our Team

The Members of Top Management

Saul Cantrell


Saul is our founder and has social media leading positions in the marketing sphere. The InfluBoss company is the most proper place to use his professional skills. He is full of ambitions and ideas. He developed to the world one of the most valuable services.

Konner Benjamin


Konner was born and spend a part of his life in Palo Alto and had a freelance working way for a long time. He was a senior member of the startup that now has significant success. He is our InfluBoss guru of marketing algorithm.

Alejandra B.


Alejandra has been working as the InfluBoss developer since the first main overhaul in 2017. By the way, she plays trombone when she has free time.

Christopher Randall


Christopher has experience as being an intern at one of the leading social media companies. Now he shares gratefully with the InfluBoss team that valuable experience. Chris brings the bridge between the rosed colored glasses of marketing ideas and the harsh realities of the social media world.

Elisa W.


Elisa is our verbal artist. All the websites and the company's official page are written with her hand. Also, she works on the fiction novel on the science topic, which will be the bestseller in the future, for sure.

Marlene B.


Marlene is the expert on customer support service. She was working with some companies in Silicon Valley. Initially, she has signed a contract of a short-term kind, but from that time, she became so valuable part of our team that now we have full working time for InfluBoss.

The Basic InfluBoss values

The philosophy of our team goes around five basic principles that play an assistant role for the best service results for the low prices:

The number one class service

The technical support is available 24/7, to solve all your problems concerning the service.

The full support and absolute understanding

We gathered a friendly team that that ar hand-in-hand through the working process.

The continual development

We know that we will provide the number one service in the future and provide it now.

User-friendly and honest

To have honest cooperation between each other and with our clients. We know that such an approach will have notable success.

The instant process of ordering

Make a payment and get the order process started in a minute.

The Reasons to Choose InfluBoss?








The Brief InfluBoss History

October, 2020

We get started a successful startup and get our first repeat customers.

November, 2020

We gather the new professional staff.

December, 2020

The secure system of our company was developed, and it continues to be improved till now.

January, 2021

The InfluBoss company got the new design with a new mobile approach.

April, 2021

The user-friendly customer support was launched.

May, 2021

The birth date of our marketing blog. Till that moment, we can share of thoughts worldwide.

June, 2021

The company added the option of free bonuses as well as the primary service offerings.

August, 2021

Many fresh offerings are provided. They reflect the flash-like nature of TikTok changes in the market.

Septenber, 2021

More methods of payment.

October, 2021

The improvements concerning the content have a vital aim to be hand-in-hand with the next decade of the TikTok platform development.

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