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TikTok Likes: Understand What They Do

Probably you already know that you can choose to hide your TikTok likes. But the likes are still registered by the TikTok algorithms. It means TikTok likes are not mere vanity metrics. They play a role in your TikTok marketing strategy, and hearts help you track how your video is trending. They also allow your viewers to save your video in their catalogs for future revisits and shares. In other words, likes are a means to bring you more engagement.  

How Much Can Likes Influence the TikTok Algorithm? 

The TikTok algorithms consider when you posted your content, who has seen and engaged with it since then, and when. Getting hearts on your post can boost your video’s engagement rates to gain a better visibility ranking on the platform.

What Advantages Do You Get If You Choose to Buy 20 TikTok Likes?

Even a few likes can do wonders and give your profile a visibility boost. Purchase the 20 TikTok likes package to:

  • Improve your visibility ranking on the feeds of new audience clusters.
  • Gain engagement that will push TikTok algorithms to work in your favor. 
  • Make your organic audience notice your content.

Why Should You Get Your TikTok Likes from InfluBoss?

InfluBoss is one of the best sites out there for TikTok marketing services. Buy the 20 TikTok likes package here to get:

  • authentic likes at best prices;
  • fast delivery within minutes of purchase;
  • range of secure payment methods, including major debit/credit cards and cryptocurrency.

When you shop at InfluBoss, you will never be asked for sensitive data like a password. 

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The Profile Security

The Profile Security

User-Friendly & 24/7 support

User-Friendly & 24/7 support

Fast & Easily Ordering Process

Fast & Easily Ordering Process

High-Quality TikTok Users

High-Quality TikTok Users

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Service Reliability

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Common Questions

I do not want to give out my password. Can I order anyway?

Don’t worry, and you will never have to give us a password. We’ll never require any sensitive information like a password. Just provide us with the user URL and a valid email id. All our payment methods are secure too.

20 TikTok likes is a small number. How soon will you deliver if I purchase this package?

With our fast delivery record, you should get them within 15-45 mins.

What if I want the likes to come from a set demographic audience? Can I customize a request?

We deliver likes from a mixed audience demographic. Check with our customer support for more details.

Do you allow free trials for first-time users?

No, you can purchase any TikTok likes package you wish. If there is an issue with the delivery, contact our customer care.

How to find a post link?

If your post is public, simply click the “Share” button, and you’ll find the URL link!

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